[postgis-users] KML with Extrude, Tesselate, and Altitudemode options

Eduin Carrillo yecarrillo at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 17 09:02:51 PST 2008

For some users, KML generation is a key feature of PostGIS, as we can export live content to our users, with a minimal effort to produce KML compliant geometries.
However, actual implementation of ST_AsKML function lacks of some important features of the geometry element:

Specifies how altitude components in the <coordinates> element are interpreted. 
Boolean value (default=0). Specifies whether to allow lines and paths to follow the terrain. This specification applies only to LineStrings (paths) and LinearRings (polygons) that have an <altitudeMode> of clampToGround.
Boolean value (default=0). Specifies whether to connect the geometric primitive (icon, line, polygon) to the ground. Extrusion requires that the geometry's <altitudeMode> be either relativeToGround or absolute and that within the <coordinates> element, the altitude component be greater than 0 (that is, in the air).

This is a proposal for implementing these features into ST_AsKML producer. For those interested in evaluate and apply them, feel free to add comments in the Google code space or in the postgis-users list:


Eduin Yesid Carrillo Vega
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Instituto de Investigación de Recursos Biológicos Alexander von Humboldt
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