[postgis-users] shp2pgsql: unterminated quotet string - spatial_ref_sys dropped

Andreas Laggner andreas.laggner at vti.bund.de
Mon Feb 25 07:36:14 PST 2008

Hi list,

if i want to import a shapefile i often gets this error. Since now i 
always could eleminate the error by transfering the data from shape to 
file geodatabase and back in arcgis9.2. But not with my actual dataset! 
I have done all repairs and transfers in arcgis - i even splited the 
data - no success. He always sets the error mark before the 'SRID

FEHLER:  Fehler »Zeichenkette nicht abgeschlossen« bei »'SRID=31467;«
ZEILE 1: ...ULL,'0','7.40243892661e+000','3.63388095405e-003','SRID=3146...

I do not know if this associated with the fact, that someone dropped the 
spatial_ref_sys from the public scheme. The error first occurs after 
that accident?! I just copied a spatial_ref_sys table from another 
postgis running local on winxp to the linux postgis where the table was 
dropped, they had akin versions of postgresql/postgis installed.

cheers      Andreas

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