[postgis-users] OT: SQLServer2008 Geography type

Robert Coup robert.coup at onetrackmind.co.nz
Tue Feb 26 15:37:36 PST 2008

Noticed this today...


Basically, in SQL Server 2008 Geography values (geography is the
ellipsoidal "first-class citizen" type) are limited to a single
hemisphere (<180 width and <90 height).

Odd. Because I would think it'd be relatively easy to implement
something with those same restrictions on top of postgis' geometry
data type via some adding and subtracting past +/- 180 & +/-90.

(IMHO a single-hemisphere limit is dumb, from my point of view the
whole purpose of "geography" is to be able to represent
large/interesting areas of the world)

Rob :)

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