[postgis-users] shp2pgsql: not accepting the command?

Stefan Schwarzer stefan.schwarzer at grid.unep.ch
Fri Feb 22 03:23:35 PST 2008

Hi there,

I wonder what is going wrong... I type the shp2pgsql command, but  
there is always the help than popping up, nothing is been done:

	shp2pgsql -s 4326 countries gis.countries > countries.sql
	RCSID: $Id: shp2pgsql.c 2667 2007-07-23 16:29:40Z mleslie $ RELEASE:  
	USAGE: shp2pgsql [<options>] <shapefile> [<schema>.]<table>

What is wrong with my command/parameters?

Thanks for any help.


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