[OSGeo-Discuss] Re: [postgis-users] A bit off topic, but FOSS GIS clients...

Andrea Aime aaime at openplans.org
Wed Jan 2 10:33:16 PST 2008

Paul Ramsey ha scritto:
> You are thinking the developers are working for you, the user, but they 
> aren't. They are working for themselves and their employers, and they 
> have perfectly good reasons to keep working on what they want to work 
> on.  You, the freeloading user, are incidental to the process.

I wouldn't be able to say it better. We open source developers do 
develop for the pleasure of developing in the first place. To
"scratch an itch" they say. User come after that.
This is not to say they are irrelevant, on the contrary.
They provide feedback, useful insights, ideas, and not less
important, a good user base is good for your karma
and your pride too.
Despite that, user must first and foremost understand they are not
the driver. Pleasure in development, discovery, exploration,
sharing experiences with other developers and so on, that's
the driver.
Merging with another community? It may work, provided the fun does
not go away. If there is a split chance of turning that into a
boring work, the merger likeliness is absolutely zero.


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