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Obe, Regina robe.dnd at cityofboston.gov
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Those tables are only modified by PostGIS using the following functions
or by direct user intervention (yes you can modify it directly and I do
when I'm creating views since there is currently no way to make the
table add a view)
The postgis functions I know of that update that table are the
AddGeometryColumn()  -- which creates a new geometry field in a table
DropGeometryColumn() - which drops a geometry field that was created
with ST_AddGeometryColumn
probe_geometry_columns() - which adds new entries from tables that have
the respective check constraints created by AddGeometryColumn (or by
UpdateGeometrySRID() -  which updates all the SRIDS in a table geometry
column and also corrects the geometry_columns() table.
The plan in the future is to make geometry_columns a view which reads
from the PostgreSQL system catalogs.  When that is done, then it will
behave as you are expecting it to.
Hope that helps,


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I have searched the forum but am still confused about the
geometry_columns table. Importing and deleting PostGIS layers doesn't
seem to have an effect on the geometry_columns table, very strange as
this is a GIS catalog to the spatial database.

I require this table (geometry_columns) to be updated every time the
Postgis DB is edited, can anyone help please?

How is this table created?
With which table does it have a relationship with?
How can I update this table to current PostGIS layers?

Thanks for your help in advance



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