[postgis-users] Is CIRCULARLINESTRING ready for use?

Markus Schneider schneider at lat-lon.de
Wed Jul 2 04:51:52 PDT 2008

Thanks, Mark.

Mark Leslie wrote:
> Support for CIRCULARSTRING is there.  Loading and retrieving of the
> supported curved geometries should scale to large numbers perfectly
> well, but not all the SQL-MM geometries are currently supported.  In
> particular, PostGIS was choking when I attempted to implement curved
> polygons.  Index support is complete, but I don't recall any heavy
> testing to ensure it's solid.  It does manage to calculate a fairly
> tight bounding box based on the curvature of the segment, not just the
> defining points, so I would consider it ready for substantial testing. 
> If only we had a volunteer with a large number of circular string
> geometries ;)

I cannot guarantee this yet, but maybe we can use the datasets in our project
for testing. But I still have to wait for a decision whether we want to go into
this direction or whether we just keep our current approach which stores curves
as linearized line strings

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