[postgis-users] Re: Postgis Hosting Recommendations Update?

Obe, Regina robe.dnd at cityofboston.gov
Thu Jul 3 04:50:49 PDT 2008

People ask me this question every once in a while, and I never quite
know what to tell them since I host my own and any Linux/windows host
works for me since I always get dedicated hosting and don't rely on the
technical abilities of the hoster.

I think it might be a good idea for us to have a section in the wiki
devoted to list of PostGIS hosters (at least for starting off just so
users can contribute their favorites) and then maybe have this section
referenced from the PostGIS support page.

I think when you are at least starting off its often a prime decision
factor which hosting companies support PostGIS. I suspect we loose a lot
of business to MySQL even though their GIS implementation is vastly more
inferior to PostGIS because it has GIS support out of the box and every
Linux host on the Planet supports them.  Same I suspect will be true for
SQL Server 2008 when it comes out.

I know PostgreSQL has a section devoted to hosters - but that doesn't
really tell you if they support PostGIS or not or even what version of
PostgreSQL they are running



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Sean Montague wrote:
> I've been with http://hub.org/ for several years, I like them a lot.
> Richard Greenwood wrote:
>> On Tue, Jul 1, 2008 at 10:08 AM, Donald Ijams <dsijams at gmail.com>
>>> I'm searching for a Postgis enabled web host and noticed the 2006
>>> of this topic on this list.  Is there a more recent discussion that
>>> missed? Is anyone on this list happy with their Postgis enabled web
>>> Thanks.
>> I am happily using Micro Resources http://mrcc.com/ but I am not sure
>> about Postgis support.
www.webfaction.com have postgis support. I've used PostgreSQL with
them which has been excellent. I haven't enabled PostGIS, though they
said just ask and they'd enable it.


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