[postgis-users] match line with road segment

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Thu Jul 17 02:55:18 PDT 2008

You may be better off snapping the points to the line first before you do a
make line.  Take a look at Paul's blog entry.  


Sounds similar to what you are trying to do.

Hope that helps,


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Stephen Woodbridge wrote:
> You can buffer the line and see which segments fall inside the buffer.
> select * from roads
>   where ST_Contains(the_geom, ST_makeline(gps_points));
> -Steve

thank you for the reply..can you be more detail please..i've tried your
suggestion but it returned no record.

I create a simple illustration below.. the green line is the record from
road table, and the red line is the route table generated from
ST_Makeline(gps_points), I want to make the red line snap into the road so
it become the route


Thank you in advance

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