[postgis-users] ESRI Geodatabases, relationship classes and PostGIS

Juan Declet reguerete at gmail.com
Tue Jul 29 09:39:00 PDT 2008

The tables must be standard Access tables, since a Personal Geodatabase .MDB
file can be opened in Access and the tables (spatial and nonspatial) read
and edited within.

I wonder about the relationship classes, though. These were not recognized
by the OGRINFO tool (only feature classes showed up). I suppose that the OGR
ODBC driver will  recognize non-spatial data tables, but not the
relationship classes defined in ArcCatalog, since these seem to be in a ESRI
propietary format. Actually, I have not been able to identify where the
ArcCatalog-created relationship classes reside when opening a Personal
Geodatabase in Access.

On Tue, Jul 29, 2008 at 1:09 AM, Paragon Corporation <lr at pcorp.us> wrote:

>  Juan,
> Does Arc Catalog create standard Access database attribute tables (e.g. the
> kind you would create just using Access) or does it make it in some sort of
> proprietary format similar to the way it does feature classes?
> If they are standard Access attribute tables, then you could import them
> using the ODBC driver of OGR.
> To do so you would do the following
> 1) Create a system DSN on windows that points to your access database file.
> 2) Do something like
> ogr2ogr -append -f "PostgreSQL" PG:"host=*pghost* user=*pgloginname*dbname=
> *pgdbname* password=*pgpassword* port=5432"
> ODBC:"someaccessdsn" table1 table2 table3
> Where table1 table2 table3 are the names of the access tables you want to
> export to PostgreSQL.
> I think it creates an annoying empty geometry field regardless, but then I
> just drop the column.
> Hope that helps,
> Regina
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>  Well, so far I have been able load the 'Parcels' sample database included
> with PostGIS into a remote ArcMap session using a demo version of zigGIS.
> This required editing the PostGIS configuration files to allow remote
> access.
> Now I am attempting to convert an ESRI Personal Geodatabase to PostGIS
> using OGR2OGR. However, OGRINFO displays only the feature classes, but not
> the nonspatial data tables or relationship classes created in ArcCatalog.
> Does anyone know where to find extensive documentation for OGR2OGR? The
> command line help is minimal.
> -Juan #1 (pardon the pun)
> On Sat, Jul 26, 2008 at 7:41 AM, jcvlz <jcvlz at jcvlz.com> wrote:
>> For what it's worth, I believe there should be some way to accomplish this
>> with one of the OSGeo FOSS projects - although I'm not not familiar with the
>> services/protocols that ESRI programs use:
>> http://www.osgeo.org/
>> -Juan #2 [  not the OP :)  ]
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