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Well this is just a guess on my part.  ST_Within() is the standards
compliant named one.  Within() is obsolete by standards as well (even
though you are right most spatial databases never needed that extra
annoying && be added).

The reason I believe Within() was not made to behave exactly like
ST_Within() is for reverse-compatibility.


b && a AND ST_Within(a,b)  is slightly slower than 

b && a AND Within(a,b) 

Because the postgres optimizer does not make the distinction that 
a && b is the same as b && a  --> although it would realize that a && b
AND a && b -> a && b

so lets say you had code like this

b && a AND Within(a,b)

and the behavior of Within was changed to  a && b AND _ST_Within(a,b)

Then your old code would suddenly expand to 

b && a AND a && b AND _ST_Within(a,b)

Which is slower than what you had before.

I asked this on the PostgreSQL general list before that why doesn't
Postgres use the 
commutator property of an operator to collapse b && a and a && b -> a &&

Tom Lane replied and he said from a planner standpoint, the extra cycles
it would add to planning would be more than the gain in most cases.

There are similar things about the new function cost thing I find
annoying and don't behave as intuitively as I would like for the same

Hope that helps,

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Hi, Kevin,

Kevin Neufeld <kneufeld at refractions.net> wrote:

> Are you using within() or ST_Within()? The latter automatically uses
> gist index, the former does not.

As I was absent from the lists for some time, why was this distinction

Normally, I would expect the standards compliant version to be
optimizable by the query planner.


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