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Tyler Erickson tyler.erickson at mtu.edu
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You certainly could store your met data in postgis.  A simple table 
structure would likely have the following three tables:
locations - information on where the sites are located
parameters - information on the meteorological parameters (i.e. temp, 
humidity, etc)
observations - information on what was measured and when it was 
measured.  Records would be linked by foreign keys to the location and 
parameter table.
f you want an example of how to create something similar for PostGIS, I 
have something similar that we use for storing water quality 
measurements.  Let me know if you want a copy of the table creation script.

If you are interested in visualizing the data as a time series you could 
query PostGIS and generate graphics on the fly using one of the following:

Hope that helps,

Romel Vazquez Rodriguez wrote:
> Hello people, I have a geometry map in postgis and i also have group of meteorlogical variables that would like to visualize over the map. That variables are asociated to one meteorological station in the map. I need to know if any one have done something like that. the variable are temperature, humedity, wind speed, cloudiness, etc.
> If any one have done something similar, in postgis o other format, please let me know.
> Thanks Romel
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