[postgis-users] X3D Export

Paragon Corporation lr at pcorp.us
Fri Jun 6 16:03:25 PDT 2008

We have a client who is interested in using PostGIS for storing  Engineering
Lab Design models and maintaining the change of the Lab layout and equipment
over time. I guess along the lines of what Bob Pawley is working on.
Basically non-GIS models with a  relational and spatial flavor to them.
They will be outputing these in X3D format.  Just wondering if anyone is
working on an AsX3D Export function and how far they have gotten with that.
>From this PDF, looks like Camp2Camp folks may be working on that.


I recall Randy mentioning the above in his comments

All this X3D stuff is fairly new to me so sorry for sounding so ignorant on
the topic.


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