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Should be able to.  I usually just do the 
ST_Buffer(geometry, double)
Where double is the expanse in units of your spatial ref.  So If I
understand you correctly, you would put your buf-width in that slot.
The last argument I think defaults to 8 and it basically the approximation
you want to a circular radius  (e.g. controls how many vertexes you end up
Making this bigger will make your buffer more accurate but will make your
geometry more hefty I think.
hope that helps,


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Hi all,
am attempting mineral prognostication.
Input:  Have a shape files with Linear features
Can I buffer this with  'width' taken from the shape files attribute =

Output: The result to contain a polygon layer with the Input's liear
features grown as buffers depending on the attribute= buf-width.

Have seen the PostGIS mnnual and found the following only.
ST_Buffer(geometry, double, [integer]) 

Can this work as suggested ?

Ravi Kumar

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