[postgis-users] OT: Any one know of a Census list thatdiscussesthe Tiger data

Obe, Regina robe.dnd at cityofboston.gov
Mon Jun 23 04:53:35 PDT 2008

>Ah. Curious what (and where) Canada's equivalent is?  I could have
>used something like that a few years back and didn't see one.

This question is probably best answered on the geodata list, so I am
cc'ing to that list.
Anyrate its probably safer to ask a Canadian this question than me. 

I've been getting my Canadian data from

Statistics Canada


They seem to have data up thru 2008.  They have formats available in
ESRI Shape, MapInfo and GML.
They seem to have a wealth of layer offering Road Network, census,
boundary, hydrology

I've up to this point really only needed the hydrology and boundary
files so haven't delved into their road network or other offerings.  I'm
hoping once we are done with the US we'll move into Canada.

On another note - does anyone know if there is a Mexico equivalent?

Hope the helps,
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