[postgis-users] box2d return from function!

Obe, Regina robe.dnd at cityofboston.gov
Fri Jun 27 05:07:40 PDT 2008

Okay I'm confused.  I tried this and it worked fine in both 8.2 1.3.3
and 8.3 1.3.3

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION fntestbox2d(ageom geometry)
  RETURNS box2d AS
DECLARE retobj box2d;
	retobj := ST_Extent(ageom);
	RETURN retobj;

What are you trying to do?  the cast from box to box2d as Mark noted is
a limitation of some sort.


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Dan Erikson wrote:
> Quick question here.....might be easy for someone who has done this:
> I want to return an extent (box2d) from a plpgsql function.  I can 
> define "box2d" as a type within the function, but only "box" in the 
> function return type or the out variable type.  Apparently I can't
> from "box2d" to "box" either.
> It is possible I am approaching this all wrong.  Is there an easier
> to return the results of an extent query?
> (Postgresql 8.2)
> Dan Erikson BNRSc
> Project Manager

Yeah, I spotted this a while back :(  Unfortunately changing it in the 
1.3.x series will probably break a lot of applications, so the earliest 
it will happen is somewhere in 1.4.



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