[postgis-users] Collecting points for the overall bounding box

Burgholzer,Robert rwburgholzer at deq.virginia.gov
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Would the following work: box2d(transform( extent(wkb_geometry), 4326) )


I think that you will achieve an efficiency from the following points:


1.	you should not need to collect, if all you want is the bounding
box, since extent() should give you that
2.	Even if you DO have to use collect, you will save lots of
computation time by doing the transform on the final aggregate (1
transform), rather than for every record (100,000 transforms).


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Hi all,


The request is quite simple, something like:


SELECT box2d(collect(transform(wkb_geometry,4326))) FROM mytable


Mytable contains about 100000 records of a point type geometry. A GIST
index is available for the table but it takes several minutes on a
respectable recent dual-core with 4 Gb of RAM. 


Any idea would be helpful.






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