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Burgholzer,Robert rwburgholzer at deq.virginia.gov
Mon Jun 30 08:28:23 PDT 2008

You need to use a LEFT OUTER JOIN, like so (although I am only doing the
simple case of joining "edges" and "addr", but you can probably extend
it to your full case):

SELECT a.tlid, c.fromhn, c.tohn, c.side, 
c.zip, c.plus4, a.statefp, a.countyfp
FROM edges a LEFT OUTER JOIN addr AS c ON (a.tlid=c.tlid ) 

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Hi all,

I could use a little help with a join:

select a.tlid, b.fullname, b.paflag, a.mtfcc, c.fromhn, c.tohn, c.side, 
c.zip, c.plus4, a.statefp, a.countyfp
   from featnames b, addr c, addrfn d, edges a
  where a.tlid=b.tlid and b.tlid=c.tlid and b.linearid=d.linearid and 
c.arid=d.arid and a.roadflg='Y'
  order by a.tlid, b.fullname, c.side ;

I need to get back records for every record in edges even if there is no

matching tlid in the addr table.

How do I do that?

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