[postgis-users] hexagonal grid

Brent Wood pcreso at pcreso.com
Thu May 29 08:42:56 PDT 2008

> On Thu, May 29, 2008 at 7:08 AM, Randall, Eric <ERandall at eriecountygov.org>
> > Has anyone created a method for generating a hexagonal grid over a polygon
> envelope using postgis? Thought I'd ask before setting out.  Thanks.

Hi Eric

I haven't specifically done this in PostGIS, but have briefly looked into
something similar with a colleague who uses R extensively, and was looking at
cellular automata modelling over a hexagonal grid. He was using such a dataset
in R, & there were a few ways this could be transferred to PostGIS, including
the R:gdal package, or a dump/parse/reformat/import script.


   Brent Wood

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