[postgis-users] Problem in migrating shapefile to postgis

Burgholzer,Robert rwburgholzer at deq.virginia.gov
Wed Nov 12 09:53:09 PST 2008

First place to start to find the proper SRID is look for a metadata file for your shape.  If you have that, you may post on the list, perhaps someone can help.




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Hi, everyone
 Can you help me load LopGiaoThong.shp vao trong postgis? I have problem
 with SRID or something else i don't know.
 I do it in this way: shp2pgsql -i -D -s LopGiaoThong.shp LopGiaoThong >
                            psql -d postgis -U postgres -f LopGiaoThong.sql
 I do not know the parameter -s: what value it is to load LopGiaoThong.shp
 Can you show mw how to find the value of -s parameter (SRID) of my data or
 how to load my data to postgis?
 Thank you very much!

Re: I still can not load LopGiaoThong.shp to postgis. Even though, I tried with -s parameter: 32648, 4326, 3405. I really can not find the correct SRID's value of my data. I really appreciated if anyone can help me do it.



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