[postgis-users] Cannot install 1.4.0 as non-root user

Nicklas Avén nicklas.aven at jordogskog.no
Wed Dec 2 07:27:31 PST 2009

Reid  Little off topic. Have you successed in compiling geos 3.0 or higher in Hardy. I remember I had big problems with that when I first wanted to test 1.4 /Nicklas

2009-12-02 Mark Cave-Ayland wrote:

Reid Priedhorsky wrote:
>Hi Reid,
>> I should have clarified. We are using the system Postgres and installing 
>> PostGIS and GEOS ourselves. In the past (1.3.5), we just compiled 
>> PostGIS with --prefix, --with-geos, and --with-pgsql* and it worked 
>> great, just like any other GNU-style "configure" software. Now... ????
>> (As an aside, it was also very frustrating that --prefix was silently 
>> ignored instead of failing at configure time with a coherent error 
>> message. We spent over an hour tracking that down.)
>Thanks for the extra information.
>> We're on Ubuntu Hardy.
>> * --with-pgsql was needed because we are on Postgres 8.2 but some of the 
>> 8.3 stuff is also installed because of unrelated dependencies. But in 
>> 1.4, install wants to put stuff in the 8.3 directories even though 
>> configure apparently found 8.2 with --with-pgconfig. So I don't see how 
>> we can install 1.4 even if we did have root.
>This sounds like the real problem here. I believe there is a bug in 
>PostgreSQL 8.2's PGXS Makefile which means that it can pick the wrong 
>pg_config if you have multiple versions in PATH. The quick fix is to 
>temporarily override PATH when running "make" on PostGIS so that the 
>directory containing the pg_config you really want to use is listed 
>first like this:
>PATH=/path/to/8.2/install:$PATH make install
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