[postgis-users] select the interior parcels smaller than 25 hectares

fsalas fsalas at geocuba.cu
Tue Dec 29 13:11:13 PST 2009

I  used this SQL for select the interior parcels and obtained all interior 
parcels on the map..

SELECT ST_InteriorRingN((the_geom),s)
FROM datnivel3, generate_series(1,(SELECT max(ST_NumInteriorRing(the_geom))
FROM datnivel3)) s
 WHERE ST_NumInteriorRing(the_geom) > 0
AND ST_InteriorRingN(the_geom,s) IS NOT NULL

.However, I need select from "datnivel3" table, only the parcels  smaller 
than 25 hectares,
How can I implement this?

Thank you,


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