[postgis-users] still problems with Mapserver and MULTIPOLYGON layer

Ronald Woita Ronald.Woita at rostock.de
Wed Feb 11 05:56:10 PST 2009

hi all,

after installing PostGIS-1.3.5 (GEOS-3.0.0) in a PostgreSQL-8.3.6
server instance I tried to 
access on a MULTIPOLYGON Dataset using Mapserver 5.2.1.
First everything seemed to work fine, but sometimes Mapserver crashed
with an internal Server error.
PostgreSQL Server logs only this small notice:
'LOG:  unexpected EOF on client connection'

After that I checked the features and found out, that only a few
geomtries produce this error.
one Example:
the simple geometry

MULTILINESTRING((4508495.77831567 5996070.27480638,4508510.9569937
5996106.86262535,4508525.94593826 5996149.72178453,4508533.9724892
5996167.56559782,4508546.29691582 5996188.45006092,4508558.07688985
5996201.31280974,4508570.211583 5996212.38517595,4508593.06209286
5996229.16876267,4508608.95020911 5996246.11238359,4508618.94008905
5996260.75551289,4508625.90248267 5996279.5095207,4508628.04729587
5996297.72341308,4508629.21044457 5996307.72555058))

requested with this boundingbox ends in a Mapserver crash :


The crazy thing is, if you move the BBOX a little more to the right or
left, everything goes right.
It seems to me this is a  problem similar to the bug actually resolved
in PostGIS-1.3.5 ?!
Is there anybody who can reproduce or prove this behaviour ?


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