[postgis-users] Which postGIS functions to use?

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I don't quite understand your question.

Are you trying to get the length of the intersection of the 2?  So that part
of the network component that falls within the quay?

In that case it would be something of the form

SELECT ST_Length(ST_Intersection(netcomponent.the_geom, quay.the_geom)) 

Which assumes your netcomponent is defined as a LINESTRING (you can use
if you have 2 points and no line)

And quay is some sort of polygon.

Hope that helps,

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I have a "network component" (= part of a waterway) defined by 2
I know how to calculate the length of that component.

However, another component, let's say a quay, overlaps with the component. I
know how far it overlaps (in meters) with the component from the beginning
coordinate and I want to calculate the end coordinate of the quay (that
should be on the network component).

How do I do this?

Thank you

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