[postgis-users] Installing postgis from an NSIS installer

Yves Moisan yves.moisan at boreal-is.com
Wed Feb 18 12:58:25 PST 2009

> Hi Yves,
> If you check the source you can see that all the installer does is 
> create some batch files to launch psql and run them in the background. 
> Hence if you look in the %TEMP%\postgis_installer directory you should 
> be able to see these batch files, along with any error output produced 
> by each one. Normally it is fairly easy to find out what is going wrong 
> by running these files manually.
Hi Mark,

What I ended up doing is to create the template_postgis object manually
through a batch file exactly like you do in postgis.nsi.  I fought with
different ways of launching creadb.exe or psql.exe without having to
specify a password but the only way to do that is through encapsulating
the whole thing in a batch file like you do (forget redirecting the
input of psql or setting some .pgpass file).  

There still is an issue with the condition that makes the postgis
installer think there already is a template_postgis when there is none,
but at least now I can create one manually before calling the postgis
installer executable and things are ok.  

I don't have the time or power to do much more in terms of making the
installer script behave in a better manner, but if I may express a
wishlist, here goes (besides fixing the condition mentioned above) :

-  have the encoding of the template_postgis database the same as the
default of the postgresql installation (e.g. in my case WIN1252)

- have a silent mode

Thanx for your time.  I learned a couple more NSIS tricks by looking at
your code :-).


> HTH,
> Mark.

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