[postgis-users] GML > PostGIS

Peter Brewer p.brewer at cornell.edu
Wed Jan 7 10:54:29 PST 2009

Hi All,

I'm writing a webservice that reads and writes (amongst other things)
location data to/from a Postgres/PostGIS database.

Outputting the data as GML from the database is easy using the asGML()
PostGIS function.  What I'm pondering over is how to write data to the
database when sent by the user in GML format.

GDAL/OGR doesn't seem to allow GML > PostGIS conversion.  Any ideas how
I can do this?  I'm restricting users to the 'Simple Features' subset of
GML so I only need to be able to write points, lines and polygons to the
database.  Am I really stuck with parsing the GML myself and writing
PostGIS SQL statements?  It doesn't seem enormously difficult so I'm
wondering why there isn't a library to do this already.

Any help or pointers much appreciated



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