[postgis-users] Help with Bad Query Plan

Obe, Regina robe.dnd at cityofboston.gov
Fri Jan 9 05:02:44 PST 2009

>  i) PostgreSQL 8.3 has a new costing model which we have seen in some 
> cases causes evaluation of the more expensive _st_intersects()
> above the && operator. As yet we don't really have a system that we
> use to verify this properly :(

> However, if you still have your original .sql scripts around, I would 
> suggest trying to load them into a PostgreSQL 8.2 installation and 
>  posting the results back to the list so we can determine if this is
>  case or not.


Slight correction.  I don't believe this statement to be true.

&& from all my experience in 8.3 still evaluates first before
_ST_Intersects.  Where you get bitten is 
that _ST_Intersects sometimes evaluates before other things.

I think like if you had something like

WHERE  ST_Intersects(...) AND somedate between a and b

Then in 8.2 if you had an index on somedate,  ST_Intersects would run
second regardless of the order of your
conditions.  In 8.3 if you put ST_Intersects first because we didn't
define a costing for ST_Intersects -- it often evaluates first.
which would be bad since an indexed somedate would be a better choice to
check first.
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