[postgis-users] How to disable password in postgreSQL (pardon the stupid question)

Paul Ramsey pramsey at opengeo.org
Mon Jan 12 09:08:25 PST 2009

So, as you've seen your options are:

- turn off passwords entirely (pg_hba.conf)
- put passwords in preference file (.pgpass)
- put passwords in environment variable (PGPASSWORD)


On Jan 12, 2009, at 1:31 AM, Mark Cave-Ayland wrote:

> kreshna_iceheart at yahoo.com wrote:
>> I'm using postgreSQL 8.2.5 for Windows (with postGIS) and MapServer  
>> for Windows for development environment. They run on Windows XP.
>> I just reformatted the hard drive and re-installed everything  
>> (postGIS, ms4w), etc. Then, my first step is reloading all the  
>> development shapefiles (SHP) into postGIS database using  
>> shp2pgsql.exe (to create the script) and psql.exe (to run the  
>> script and load the data).
>> The psql.exe command doesn't specify password, and it is something  
>> like this:
>> psql.exe -c -d mydatabase -h localhost -U myuser -f "D:\mapfiles 
>> \scripts\myloadingscript.sql"
>> When I ran the command above, it prompts me for a password. No  
>> wonder, because the script doesn't specify the password.
>> However, the script above did NOT prompt for a password before I  
>> reformatted my hard drive. Thus, I have disabled postgreSQL  
>> password in my previous setting.
>> Alas, I don't remember what should I do to disable password. I have  
>> given public access to my spatial database, and the psql.exe still  
>> prompts for a password.
>> I really don't remember what I did previously to my postgreSQL  
>> (before reformatting). I can only remember that the data loading  
>> script above never asked for password before I reformatted my hard  
>> drive.
>> Anyone could please help? Many thanks,
>> -Kresh
> Hi Kresh,
> Search the PostgreSQL libpq documentation/Google for "pgpass". You  
> can use this file to store passwords when connecting from certain  
> clients to certain databases.
> HTH,
> Mark.
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