[postgis-users] WKTRaster: warming up the engines

strk strk at keybit.net
Wed Jan 14 01:28:04 PST 2009

Hello spatially enabled people,
I'm in the process of turning up engines to start working
on the WKTRaster project:

No, we didn't gather enough fundings yet, but the current
sponsors are long-sighted enough to understand that if you
start an engine it's easier to let it run later so are OK
to invest on the startup.

What's funded is just the initial step that will bring
to the ability of create columns of RASTER type using
a well known textual representation for input and output.

Each slice of 2000$ will bring new functions in!
If 15 groups each give 2000$US, we will have the best seamless raster/vector
set of SQL functions available by the end of 2009.
Free as in freedom ! 


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