[postgis-users] postgre tmp_tablespace

Kevin Neufeld kneufeld at refractions.net
Thu Jan 15 09:00:09 PST 2009

What version of PostgreSQL are you using?  I don't see that variable in 8.3.
postgis=# show tmp_tablespace;
ERROR:  unrecognized configuration parameter "tmp_tablespace"

I would imagine it's the directory location for temporary files.  According to the 8.3 docs:
"Temporary files (for operations such as sorting more data than can fit in memory) are created within 
PGDATA/base/pgsql_tmp, or within a pgsql_tmp subdirectory of a tablespace directory if a tablespace other than 
pg_default is specified for them. The name of a temporary file has the form pgsql_tmpPPP.NNN, where PPP is the PID of 
the owning backend and NNN distinguishes different files of that backend."


P Adji wrote:
> Dear all,
> sorry if it is not postgis related.
> whats the variable tmp_tablespace in postgre is for ?
> thanks guys
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