[postgis-users] Shapes to PG

Neil.Young Neil.Young at Freenet.de
Mon Jan 26 10:45:31 PST 2009

Nicolas Ribot schrieb:
>> ?? What kind of "admin" is that? What chance of checking, whether the_geom
>> is valid or not, do I have?
> Well, pgAdmin is intended to administrate PostgreSQL, not postGIS and
> its geometries.
> To check your geometries for nullity or validity, SQL seems to be your friend:
> select count(*) from my_table where the_geom is null;
> select distinct st_isvalid(the_geom) from my_table; -- for OGC validity
> etc.
> Nicolas
The first returns 0 of 5204 records.
The output of the latter I don't understand (see screenshot)

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