[postgis-users] PostgreSQL Conference, U.S. East 2009

Joshua D. Drake jd at commandprompt.com
Mon Jan 26 11:06:45 PST 2009

PostgreSQL Conference, U.S., East 09 will be held in Philadelphia at
history Drexel University from April 3rd through 5th. The call for
papers is now out at: http://www.postgresqlconference.org/2009/east/ .

As always we let our submissions define our actual tracks. If you have
something you want to talk about it. Submit it. As long as it is about
PostgreSQL (or doing something with PostgreSQL) we will consider it.

We are seeking creative ideas about things we can do at the conference.
At West we had a code sprint. The sprint was very successful as it was
about all things postgresql and open source. It wasn't just hacking back
end code but people worked on all kinds of things.. Is someone up for
running a code sprint? 

There has also been specific interest in having us add (in addition to
our advanced topics) a newbie track. Please do not be afraid to submit a
talks on items such as:

      * Backing up PostgreSQL
      * Understanding and Configuring Autovacuum
      * Normalization
      * Trigger Happy (how to use triggers ;)
      * PITR -- happiness is a shipped transaction log

Other topics we are interested in beyond the standard PostgreSQL
architectural fanfare are:

      * Groovy/Grails
      * Django
      * PHP
      * Postgis
      * Pylons
      * SQL Alchemy
So don't delay, PostgreSQL Conference, U.S. is the premeire PostgreSQL
conference series for the United States PostgreSQL community! Please
submit your talk here: http://www.postgresqlconference.org/2009/east/ .


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