[postgis-users] Some questions concerning postgis

Neil.Young Neil.Young at Freenet.de
Tue Jan 27 10:02:43 PST 2009

Just to let you all know (if somebody of you has this problem to solve too:
I could made this run: 
It's really worth a try. I was able to reduce my geometries in 
dimensions while keeping common borders.


Chris Hermansen schrieb:
> By Gauss Krüger III do you mean zone 3?  That seems to be in 
> spatial_ref_sys.  If so, certainly you can re-project your data.
> With respect to reducing vertices, you might prefer 
> st_simplifypreservetopology().  I've also had success with 
> st_snaptogrid().
> Torsten Lange wrote:
>> st_simplify() might be a function to reduce the no of vertices. Maybe 
>> also st_buffer(yourGeom, 0) could help to get valid polygons in 
>> general keeping the geometry.
>> Regards, Torsten
>> Neil.Young schrieb:
>>> Now, that I have valid data in my db, the following questions arise:
>>> 1) The projection of the data is Gauss Krüger III. Possible to 
>>> re-project to lets say EPSG 4326?
>>> 2) The polygons contain too much vertices. I would like to reduce 
>>> it, but keep the common borders valid. Does anybody know, how this 
>>> could be achieved?
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