[postgis-users] Considerations on performance: union on 59000geometries

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Which version  of PostGIS are you using.  The upcoming 1.4 is much much
faster and may do the trick for you.  Its in rc2 now.  Ready to release any

There is no way the 1.3 will complete with 59,000 in one go.


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Hello everybody,

today I tried to perform a union on 59000 geometries, but the operation
seems not to complete. In no way I'm an expert in PostgreSQL/PostGIS
optimization, and for sure my system is not in the perfect shape to address
such operations with elegance.

My questions are:

* should PostGIS be able to perform this operation if properly optimized?

* could you please advise me some piece of documentation for learning about
PostgreSQL / PostGIS optimization?

I read somewhere that the french cartographic service has migrated to
PostGIS, so I have no doubt that this have to be possible to achieve, and
speaks loud about the importance of optimization issues.


Juan Pedro Pérez Alcántara

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