[postgis-users] server crash on st_transform, st_buffer and a few questions concerning projections

erik whatevar89 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 8 14:52:45 PDT 2009

Dear list,

1) I just provoked a postgres crash while performing the following query on
my postgis database:

select st_transform(the_geom,32768) from polygons;

The projection of the original dataset is 32767. The destination proj is
32768. As a general rule I'm having trouble working with this last with open
source software (uDig, postgis, ogr - all of these don't transform from this
proj correctly) and Google doesn't give much help. This is the standard EU
projection. Anybody have experience with this?

Entries in spatial_ref_sys:
+lat_1=49.8333339 +lat_2=51.16666733333333 +lat_0=90
+lon_0=4.367486666666666 +x_0=150000.01256 +y_0=5400088.4378 +ellps=intl
+units=m +no_defs "


2) I also crash postgres on st_buffer(the_geom,0.0).
3) Do you know of any standard way of correcting selfintersecting polygons?
I've tried to correct them with st_simplify and st_buffer(the_geom,0.001).
The first doesn't work, the last works somewhat but still crashes the server
on some polygons. ArcView manages these seamslessy but I don't want to
depend on ArcView for all kind of reasons.
4) Does anyone know of a good general book on GIS, projections, etc? i've
been working on GIS for a while now, but I still feel like a noob on all the
theoretical stuff and I get the impression I'm not progressing enough just
with Google and by encountering problems "on the fly".

Any suggestions welcome.
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