[postgis-users] postgis on postgresql 8.2 vs 8.3

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Wed Mar 25 08:28:44 PDT 2009

Well according to this its already 1 month behind, but I think you can
expect it within the next 2-3 months since it is almost in beta release now.


Bruce's note


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Mark, Regina,

Thank you for your feedback.

I was struggling to get the postgresql-8.2 Debian source package to build,
finally got it in the wee hours of the morning. So that gives me the option
of staying on 8.2 that I was afraid I might not have.

Since this is a new system and only has a trivial database that is easy to
dump and restore, I guess I will do the 8.3 upgrade so I have a box running
8.3 and can see how that goes. If it turns out to be problematic then I will
consider downgrading the system back to 8.2.

The big application I want running immediately is pgRouting and related

Is there a time frame for the 8.4 release that you are aware of?


Obe, Regina wrote:
> Steve,
> Just to add my 2 cents.  I've been running 8.3 on 2  production 
> systems for about 6-8 months now.  Aside from the index issue Mark 
> already mentioned, and also a bbox issue (with cached bboxes not 
> always being recalculated -- hmm I think this is fixed in 8.3.6 -- 
> though I'll need to verify) , I haven't run into any issues as far as 
> PostGIS is concerned.
> However -- I think the biggest problem that people run into when 
> upgrading from 8.2 to 8.3 is that they took out a lot of autocasting 
> behavior so if you did things like assuming boolean can be treated as 
> 1 and were less than careful with dates and numbers I forget the 
> others you may run into issues.  So you may want to test some of your 
> apps in a test mode first before blindly upgrading. (Sorry to scare 
> you like that).  I haven't run into such issues myself since the apps 
> I have in
> 8.3  started out in 8.3.  I have yet to go back and upgrade my other 
> apps running on an 8.2 install.
> As far as what you get with upgrading and things to watch out for, I 
> think its pretty well summarized here if you haven't already taken a 
> look
> http://www.postgresql.org/docs/8.3/static/release-8-3.html
> Although I'm almost tempted to say if you haven't upgraded yet you 
> might just want to wait for 8.4.  8.4 has all the major earth 
> shattering enhancements in it without any additional fuss (as there 
> was with 8.3 -- e.g removal of casting change that breaks apps) so you 
> only need to test your apps once. Can't wait for that to officially come
> Hope that helps,
> Regina
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> Hi all,
> I have been holding back on upgrading my postgis installations from 
> postgresql 8.2 to 8.3 because:
> 1) it seemed like there was a lot of new postgresql stuff to figure 
> out in 8.3. What are the big changes I need to be aware of?
> 2) it seemed like there were initially some bugs and issues in 
> postgresql 8.3 that I'm guessing have mostly been resolved
> 3) seemed like there have been or still are some postgis issues when 
> running on postgresql 8.3
> Is postgis and 8.3 safe and stable? are there specific bugs I need to 
> be
> aware of? Do we have a list somewhere and work-arounds?
> On my Debian box, I installed postgresql 8.2 long ago and have just 
> held
> onto it, but the packages are no longer available in the archives and 
> sometime later I added liblq5-dev package which appears to have come 
> from 8.3 which is causing me headaches.
> I can upgrade to 8.3, does this require a dump and restore, or is 
> there a hot upgrade for postgis databases?
> I can try and find a debian postgresql-8.2 source package and see if I 
> can build the .deb files from that, but it seems like I will like need 
> to upgrade to 8.3 regardless at some point.
> So I looking for advice, feedback, whatever.
> Thanks,
>    -Steve
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