[postgis-users] PostGIS and Google Maps API examples?

KAM Tin Seong tskam at smu.edu.sg
Mon Nov 16 15:26:40 PST 2009

Hi Jonathan, I wonder if you could share with me how to get Flash to read data in PostgreSQL directly.
Thanks in advance.
Tin Seong


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First off, this list is a great resource!  Thank you!


I am trying to create a store locator type of app using PostGIS and the Google Maps API for Flash.  Basically, I want the user to be able to search by radius - i.e., "how many stores are within 5 miles of my home?"  I know how to do the Flash portion of this (and I can populate my map by connecting to my PostgreSQL database), like setting up the menu to choose radius and the text box for address input, but I'm not sure how to handle the geoprocessing with PostGIS.  I would like PostGIS to perform the calculation, draw a polygon on my map, and also return all locations that are within the radius.  Any ideas on how I can get started?


One other thing I don't understand with regard to PostGIS --  my "stores" table is not really spatial data.  It's just a table of lat/longs, but it's not an imported Shapefile, etc.  I could make a shapefile and import it (and then have geometry data associated with each point), but I'm not sure if this is necessary.  


Like I said.. I'm not sure where to start AND I'm new to PostGIS.  If anyone has any good examples to look at or can point me in the right direction, I would really appreciate it.





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