[postgis-users] trouble with building postgis_comments.sql

Bruno Friedmann bruno at ioda-net.ch
Sat Nov 28 12:23:16 PST 2009

Hi all, I'm pretty sure my question is stupid.

I'm trying to build the postgis_comments.sql as it's missing from my rpm distribution package
openSUSE 11.2 / repository Application:/Geo:/postGIS14

I've take the 1.4.0 tar.gz source and try a ./configure --with-xsldir=doc
but always finish by error

or a make inside doc

configure was unable to find the Docbook XSL stylesheet directory which is required to build the documentation.
To build the documentation, install the Docbook XSL stylesheets and/or re-run configure with the --with-xsldir option. Alternatively
refer to online manual:

configure: error: the docbook stylesheet directory specified using --with-xsldir does not contain the html/docbook.xsl file

How can I resolve this...
It's too much cool to have direct comment & declaration function.


     Bruno Friedmann

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