[postgis-users] Trying to import natural earth data into postgis 1.5.2

Nathan Gerber ngerber999 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 30 17:50:46 PST 2010

I had to build a rather complex fixing script as the problems are quite
varied. Some could be fixed with a simple st_buffer(geom,0) while others
required more advanced cleaning. Below is an incomplete list of problems I
found while sorting through the data:

   - Figure eights or as I like to call them, Loop-di-dos |><|
   - Self-Intersections at river heads due to the rather simplistic boundary
   simplification algorithms used.
   - Boundaries that back tracked along themselves.
   - Boundaries that contained a line off the boundary that represented a
   peninsula or pier that had zero area.
   - Overlapping borders that had to be cleaned for my data set so that no
   single point could belong in two countries.
   - There were also a few inconsistencies with naming conventions that had
   to be manually corrected based upon some research (thank you wikipedia).
   - Missing state/province and/or county/muncipality borders that left a
   few holes at the sub-country level in a few areas.
   - Some of my missing data and inconsistencies may have been corrected
   since I pulled the data a year or so ago.

I'd offer to send you my cleaned up data set but unfortunately it has been
updated with some proprietary data for Canada and Mexico.
Nathan Gerber

On Thu, Dec 30, 2010 at 7:03 PM, David Blackman <david at whizziwig.com> wrote:

> Hi all--
> I'm trying to import the 10m-admin-1 data from
> http://www.naturalearthdata.com/ to postgis 1.5.2. It's generating a
> lot of invalid geometry that I don't know how to fix.
> My import command looks like this:
> shp2pgsql -W LATIN1 -I 10m-admin-1-states-provinces-shp >
> 10m-admin-1-states-provinces-shp.sql
> (note, in postgis2, this entirely fails on invalid input characters,
> none of the character sets I tried worked)
> and of the import, 148 rows have invalid geometry, with errors like:
> blackmad=# select fips_1 FROM
> public."10m-admin-1-states-provinces-shp" WHERE ST_IsValid(the_geom) =
> false;
> NOTICE: Holes are nested at or near point 101.662 3.04074
> NOTICE: Self-intersection at or near point 120.185 22.9625
> NOTICE: IllegalArgumentException: Invalid number of points in
> LinearRing found 2 - must be 0 or >= 4
> NOTICE: Ring Self-intersection at or near point -47.3025 -16.0401
> NOTICE: Too few points in geometry component at or near point -65.458
> -22.1012
> This cleangeometry.sql script @
> http://www.sogis1.so.ch/sogis/dl/postgis/cleanGeometry.sql fixes most,
> but the LinearRing errors cause the script to choke.
> Can someone advise me on how to fix these errors, or where the problem
> lies (in the data or the import tool)?
> thanks
> --dave
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