[postgis-users] Any functions for validating topology of areas, lines/points and/or routes?

Chris Hermansen chris.hermansen at timberline.ca
Sun Jan 31 19:23:02 PST 2010


This would be a nice "wish list" to make persistent somewhere, maybe on
the wiki?

On Sun, 2010-01-31 at 14:41 +0100, Stefan Keller wrote:
> Dear all
> I’m preparing an introductory course about GIS and want to collect
> topology functions. We’re evaluating QGIS and PostGIS and have to
> be prepared that the functionality will be compared to ArcGIS/
> ArcEditor Geodatabase Topology (called topology rules there).
> Thus my question: Can anyone point me to topology functions,
> most probably implements as stored procedures (pl/pgsql) and
> triggers (rules)?
> I’ve compiled following “topology types” so far:
> * Area topology cleaning: Eliminating sliver polygons, overshoots,
>   undershoots (polygon topology, same polygon class).
> * Polygons are non-overlapping (polygon topology, same polygon class).
> * Polygons are inside other polygons (polygon topology, two different
>   polygon classes).
> * Line topology cleaning: Snapping close endpoints
>   (vertex-vertex/route topology).
> * Routes that share vertices (vertex-vertex/route topology, same
>   line class).
> * Line objects that share (inner) endpoints (node-vertex topology,
>   same line class).
> * Line objects that are “connected to” point objects at their
>   (outer/inner) endpoints (node-node topology, line and point classes).
> * Point objects that share points along line objects (node-vertex
>   topology, line and point classes).
> Pls. consider "are" (validation) as place holder to be also "should not"
> (validation) or "should be snapped to" (cleaning).
> Regards, S.
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