[postgis-users] select "ST_AsSvg" from multiple tables in relation to decimal degree coordinates

bruce bushby bruce.bushby at googlemail.com
Sun May 2 13:46:37 PDT 2010


I'm guessing my question is a very common example however I've been
struggling (3 days) to find an example that works for me.

I have converted my NMEA gps into decimal degrees:
track=# select lat,long,the_geom from t001;
    lat     |    long     |
 51.4096    | -0.210978   |

Then I have a map of roads which I know has roads all around my coordinates,
so I wanted to select "ST_AsSvg" a 1 Kilometre square block around my
coordinates, I tried to do this with:

UK=# select ST_AsSvg(the_geom) from minor_rd_polyline where the_geom &&
SetSRID('BOX3D(51.4095 -0.211098 0,51.4080 -0.211080 0)'::box3d,-1);
(0 rows)


My goal is to "select" from multiple maps (maps/tables were created with
shp1pgsql) around given gps coordinates and return as svg.

Any help much appreciated!

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