[postgis-users] Converting UTM to lat/lon using Postgis

Mehmet Erkek merkek at reidin.com
Mon May 3 00:03:01 PDT 2010


Hi All,


I havea a shape file which I imported it to a table called 'test2'
(using  SRID=4326).  I want to get centroids of geometries in lat/lon. 


Here is what I run:


select   ST_AsText( ST_Transform(centroid(the_geom),4326)) from
ult.test2 limit 5;


and what I get:


POINT(496597.996430787 2774798.21242881)

POINT(496332.629887436 2793339.61534586)

POINT(496302.627327975 2793317.82477318)

POINT(496305.255261594 2793353.29646291)

POINT(496241.538851096 2774826.65593589)



So far all is fine except coordinates which are not  latitude/longitude 


My question is : How can I convert/get these coordinates in lat/lon?



This what I have in my prj file: 


PROJCS["Dubai Local Transverse Mercator



And this is my postgis version: POSTGIS="1.3.6" GEOS="2.2.3-CAPI-1.1.1"
PROJ="Rel. 4.7.1, 23 September 2009" USE_STATS


I appreciate any help. Thank you.




Mehmet ERKEK

www.REIDIN.com <http://www.reidin.com/> 


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