[postgis-users] setsrid does not exist

rakesh modi rakesh.modi1585 at gmail.com
Mon May 3 05:03:37 PDT 2010

Hi All,

i am trying to run this query but getting error -
ERROR:  function setsrid(unknown) does not exist
LINE 4:             FROM roads WHERE the_geom && SetSRID(
what's the problem ..

SELECT gid, source, target, the_geom,
 distance(the_geom, GeometryFromText(
 'POINT(26.8988086602918 7.71874658182343)', 4326)) AS dist
            FROM roads WHERE the_geom && ST_SetSRID(
                  'BOX3D((26.8988086602918-200 7.71874658182343-200
26.8988086602918+200 7.71874658182343+200))
                         , ::box3d,4326)')
            ORDER BY dist LIMIT 1;

Software Engineer
GIS Consortium
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