[postgis-users] configure: libpq error

Ludovico Bianchini metlud at yahoo.it
Fri May 7 03:12:46 PDT 2010

after I've installed (on fedora) postgres 8.4 from binaries, proj and 
geos from source; I've tried to install postgis 1.5
from source but configure has thrown error "could not find libpq"; libpq 
exists in postgres /lib directory and I've execute
configure with -pg_config, -geos_config and -proj_dir (please don't 
consider syntax error in the options), I've added libqp's path
to PATH variable.

I've seen a post with this problem dated March 1st, but it seems that 
the reply has not gave a solution.

What are the common solutions to this problem? Copy the library in 
another path? To add any configuration to any file?
To install something that I've not installed?

Thanks in advance for any help and suggestions!!

Bye bye


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