[postgis-users] Problem with probe_geometry_columns()

Mark Cave-Ayland mark.cave-ayland at siriusit.co.uk
Tue May 18 08:00:46 PDT 2010

Fred Lehodey wrote:

> Hi,
> I have no success trying the function probe_geometry_columns() with 
> Postgis 1.5.0
> 1) Not sure but comparing the SQL with Postgis 1.3.3:
> the clause  (in the INSERT step and not the count of probed)
> "sridcheck.consrc LIKE '(*srid*('||a.attname||') = %)'   in postgis 1.3.3
> is now:
> "sridcheck.consrc LIKE '(*st_srid*('||a.attname||') = %)'  in postgis 1.5.0
> This looks like a tipo error. (this is not the function here but the 
> constraint text in pg_constraint)

No, this is correct. The non ST_ prefix functions have been deprecated 
since PostGIS 1.2-ish. Do you actually have an ST_srid() function in 
your database, e.g. does the following work?

select st_srid(st_geomfromtext('POINT(0 50)', 4326));

Also, did you do a fresh install of 1.5 or did you run the upgrade 
script on an existing 1.3 install?

> 2) I have a second problem with pg_constraint table and the "consrc" field.
> Most of time I have something like :
> "(public.srid(the_geom) = 27492)" 
> and not (as expected by the function probe_geometry_columns()) :
> "(srid(the_geom) = 27492)"
> Thanks for any feed-back.

Hmmmm. Do you have multiple schemas in your database/PostGIS 
installation? Or have you tried to install PostGIS into a specific schema?



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