[postgis-users] List pre-emption.

Dan Putler dan.putler at sauder.ubc.ca
Tue May 18 21:02:37 PDT 2010

You are not alone. Both this list and another I am on that is hosted by
Refractions Research will go through periods where message delivery is
substantially delayed.


On Tue, 2010-05-18 at 20:39 -0700, Ben Madin wrote:
> G'day all,
> I have many problems, (and don't want to dwell on them) but I am wondering if I am the only person who routinely receives list emails in the wrong order - for instance, I have just replied to request which arrived at 11:24 (only a few minutes ago) only to discover that others have also replied, at 11:09, 10:44 and 10:24.
> Just being in the Southern Hemisphere doesn't explain this, nor being Australian. Is it a gold membership thing to have your questions answered before you submit them...where do I sign up? More seriously, I haven't noticed this effect with other (albeit lower volume) lists that I subscribe to?
> cheers
> Ben
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