[postgis-users] PostGIS installation error: could not find geos_c.h

Paragon Corporation lr at pcorp.us
Wed May 19 15:28:36 PDT 2010

It looks to us that your --with-geosconfig may be pointing at the source
directory instead of your install directory.
It should be pointing at wherever you installed the binaries of geos.  Where
your --prefix was designated during your geos configure step.
So if you configured geos with something of the form
 ./configure --prefix=/root/geos/rel-3.2.2

make install
Then postgis should be
./configure --with-geosconfig=/root/geos/rel-3.2.2/bin/geos-config
Also since we wrote that article, geos 3.2.2 has come out, so you should be
installing geos 3.2.2 instead of geos 3.2.0.  
Geos 3.2.2 has bug fixes for Geos 3.2 branch, so will be stabler than the
geos 3.2.0 version.
Leo and Regina


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I'm trying to install PostGIS 1.5 on an Amazon EC2 instance running the
64-bit version of Fedora 8.  I've installed PostgreSQL 8.4, Proj, GEOS, and
libxml.  When I try to configure PostGIS, using the following command: 


I get the following error:

configure: error: could not find geos_c.h - you may need to specify the
directory of a geos-config file using --with-geosconfig

Now, I have geos_c.h installed in /root/sources/geos/geos-3.2.0/capi.  Can
someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong?  By the way, I'm following
these instructions:




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