[postgis-users] PostgreSQL version for PostGIS ver 1.5.1

Ivan Mincik ivan.mincik at gista.sk
Tue May 25 00:43:14 PDT 2010

On Monday 24 May 2010, Malm Paul wrote:
> Hi,
>  when I install postgreSQL on windows I can get a choise to instal postgis
> as well. Is it the same on Linux x86-32? If so, what postgreSQL version
> shall I choose to get PostGIS ver 1.5.1 on Linux?

Hi what kind of distribution do You use ? 
Usually,  in every distribution, there is one(sometimes two) version-s of PostgreSQL server in installation 
repositories(package postgresql-8.3 in Debian Lenny) . It is highly recommended to use these packages until You are 
experienced user. In case of PostGIS, it usually lives in separate package in repository (package 
postgresql-8.3-postgis in Debian Lenny). 
Currently, if You want to use PostGIS 1.5.1, You must compile it by Yourself, since in Debian there is much older 

Once You have these package installed, all You need is to enable PostGIS for Your database and start working 

Ivan Mincik

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