[postgis-users] PostGIS MS 2008 Server unable to restart service

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So this is Windows 2008 server?

I presume the service is running under postgres account? When you try to
start the service and it says "waiting for postgres user", does it just give
up after a while?

You might want to check the event viewer to see if it gives a more specific

There are also log files written to the pg_log folder of the data folder
(the folder where you have pg_hba.conf) that gives messages.  Check the last
one, and that log has always been the most helpful for diagnosing these
kinds of problems.

It is quite possible that you messed up pg_hba.conf and its refusing to
start because it can't make sense of it.  I've seen that happen before.  In
that case -- if you have a backup of that file, put it back.  If you don't
we can email you one.

Leo and Regina

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New in this mailling list, I had read the archives but not found any thing

After installing PostGis with the PG 1.4.4 on MS 2008 server evrything run

I stop the service to abble PG to take change of hba_conf file. It's
impossible to restart service.

If i'm logged in Administrator, PG wait for "postgres" user.
If  I'm logged in Postgres, windows don't allow me to start the service
(Error system 5 : Permission denied

If anyone have a way to solve it ...

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