[postgis-users] Determine latitude/longitude of a point given initial latitude/longitude, bearing and distance on a spheroid.

Luke Wilmen lukewilmen at gmail.com
Mon Nov 8 06:52:59 PST 2010

G'day all,
Long time reader, first time poster. Recently I have been developing a
project that is requiring a point to be translated along a great circle path
by a given distance (metres) and initial bearing. I have already implemented
functions that do this with normal spherical calculations based upon an
average radius for the Earth. These spherical calculations work fine when
you are close to the equator however the accuracy is outside the tolerances
for our project as you move further towards the poles (points drift by
upwards of 10m - 20m).

After pouring over the Internet and this mailing list I have been unable to
find any solution for achieving these calculations on a spheroid/ellipsoid
and am wondering if anyone else has had any success in this area or would be
able to offer some advice?

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